Long-term damage to the hearing does not occur suddenly, but takes place gradually. Before you are aware of it, you start to find conversations difficult to follow and are turning the television volume up more and more.

At Work:

Should you work with mechanical engineering or carpentry you are often exposed to huge amounts of damaging sound. In the engineering or manufacture workshop the constant sounds from  heavy robotic machinery, lathes, milling machines inflict permanent damage to your hearing. Therefore its imperitive to protect your ears.

Similarly in the aviation industry, ground crews benefit well from earring protection, and it has become mandatory for them to wear ear protection, as the sound from aircraft turbines can be damaging at close proximity.


We do lots of DIY inside and around our homes, in the garden and on the boat. And naturally we take safety into consideration, with proper gloves, good sturdy shoes and safety goggles. Therefore using earplugs only increases safety. Drilling a hole in the wall easily creates 110 decibels of noise. Such a loud noise can cause long-term damage to the hearing after just five minutes. It is strongly recommended to wear good hearing protection when doing work around the house.