Nightclubs, festivals, concerts and dance events! Nothing beats listening to and dancing to the music that you love.

Not only is the number of music events increasing, but also the volume at nightclubs, festivals and in concert halls. The decibel gauge often reaches 80 decibels very quickly, and even exceeds it, causing permanent hearing damage to your hearing.

We all love live entertainment, however, not when it is so loud that it starts to hurt the ears and forces people out of the venue. How often do you go home from a nightclub, festival or concert feeling a bit dazed and confused and with a ringing sound in your ears?

There is a very good reason for why more and more musicians, roadies and sound and lighting staff wear hearing protection. And you should too..

Hearing Protection in Nightclubs

If you go out to night clubs a lot, then you use our special PartyPlugs. These are transparent earplugs that fit comfortably in your ear and muffle harmful noise. The special transparent filters ensure that you can still hear the music, but at a safe level and naturally still talk with your friends.

Hearing Protection at Concerts and Events

Our special PartyPlugs enable you to party all day without causing harm to your hearing. Enjoy your favorite band without compromising the quality of sound.

Our PartyPlugs are made from a durable thermoplastic substance. They fit comfortably into the ear because they shape themselves to fit your auditory canal. Because we have made them from transparent material, you can barely see them in the ear.  If you want to continue enjoying music, use our PartyPlugs.