No matter how enjoyable or exciting, the experienced traveller also knows that pressure on the ear during take-off and landing can be quite painful, and lets also not forget that the monotonous drone of the aircraft engine takes considerable toll on the hearing. Just when you are underway to your overseas or domestic destination, there is often that infant close by crying and screaming for most of the flight. All of these factors detract somewhat from that general holiday feeling.

Pluggies for Kids

Children and Infants often suffer greatly from ear ache caused by the difference in cabin pressure during ascents and descents, and to an extent worse as they are not able to equalise their inner ear pressure. Pluggies Kids reduce the difference in pressure and allow the child to travel comfortably.

Long distance

TravelSafe works very well for those long distance bus or train trips, repetitive noise can be both annoying and damaging to ones hearing, especially if you're a teacher in need of rest on a school excursion bus and "..the wheels on the bus go round and round.."