Playing water polo, surfing or sailing, or just a bracing dip in the pool, we love water and as soon as the sun makes an appearance, we head for the beach or pool in our masses. All this fun in the water has just one disadvantage: water in your ears can be very annoying. Sometimes this can lead to ear canal infection, if this is the case; it is advisable to wear earplugs when swimming. In addition, the loud noises in swimming pools are also not kind to a child's ear.

Ever-increasing numbers of swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts use earplugs to protect their ears against water and chlorine.

With our SwimSafe earplugs, you are well protected and water does not get into your ears. An additional advantage is that these earplugs also filter away excessive loud noise, for example the noise of children screaming and yelling in the pool. Of course you can still hear normal environmental sounds like instructions from the lifeguard or directions from the water polo coach. And you can also use our SwimSafe when taking a bath or a shower.

The unique design of the SwimSafe earplugs prevents the sensation of being completely shut off from the outside world or of having too much pressure on your inner ear. SwimSafe hearing protection is suitable for adults. For children we have the special Pluggies Kids, also ideal for use when bathing with your toddler since a child's ear is extremely sensitive.

Hearing protection for Surfing

Surfers enjoy the combination of sun, rough water and a stiff wind, with our SwimSafe earplugs, you are well protected and the water does not get into your ears